Redefine Your Network for Better Control

The Next Generation Network is here, and it’s time you take charge. With a world of new technologies and possibilities at hand, your role has never been more critical.

Take the right steps to transform your network and claim your place as the true enabler of the business.

Discover what managed services for enterprise networks and software-defined networking can do for you below.

Managed Services for Enterprise Networks
Lose the Frustration – Keep the Control

Managed services for enterprise networks is your ticket to a significant role at the business table. Hand off the mundane operations and carrier service management to third-party experts and you can finally tell the business you can "do more with less".

But if you fear that this means letting go of strategic and financial control, understand now: this is false.

This best practices guide will show you all you need to regain control, using managed services for enterprise networks.

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You will learn
  • 7 warning signs that it is time to go the managed route
  • 3 wise steps to rid yourself of day-to-day network burdens
  • 7 tough questions to ask managed network service providers

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Software-Defined Networking
Securing a Programmable World

We are seeing great changes in infrastructure everywhere. For networks to keep pace, they must be freed from hardware constraints – and this is fast becoming a reality.

But how secure is a world where every ICT function is software-defined and programmable? How do you embrace such potential without exposing your business to the risks?

The answer lies in making security itself programmable – and working with the right partner to do so.

Read more on preparing your business for the shift to programmable infrastructure, in this latest thinking paper.

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You will learn about the
  • Cornerstones of a security architecture framework
  • Benefits of programmable security
  • Things to look for in a software-defined security partner

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The Next Generation Network is here

Remember not so long ago, when 80% of the devices in your office were wired? Fast forward to today, and that number's down to 20% instead.

Trends like enterprise mobility are catching on like wildfire - whether you've caught them or not, they're happening. And to keep up with these new demands, your network has got to change.

Step into the shoes of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and take your network into the next generation in this interactive, browser-based game.